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Papa Pal

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How It Works

We all need a pal sometimes. That’s why your employer is partnering with Papa to offer you an extra set of hands—when, where, and how you need it most. Papa provides flexible family care for you and your loved ones—children, aging parents, and pets.

What can Papa help me with?

Papa Pals are ready to help you and your loved ones—including spouses, parents, children, and pets—both in-person and virtually. They can assist with companionship, transportation, light household tasks and errands, entertaining children or pets, and more! Papa Pals do a lot, but they don’t do it all. They can’t provide assistance with specialized medical care, such as bathing (including changing diapers), medication administration, dressing, feeding, ambulating, and tending to personal hygiene.

How Does it Work?

Our Papa Care app makes it simple for you to schedule and manage at-home or virtual visits, and specify personal, child, or elder care needs. Once you request a Papa Pal, we use a powerful algorithm to determine the best match for you, and the visit is scheduled.

How many hours of time do I get with my Papa Pal and is there a cost?

Your coverage comes with a set number of Papa Pal service hours. You are eligible for 10 allocated hours of Papa Pal services at no cost to you.

I love my Papa Pal. Can I request the same one for all my visits?

Absolutely! You (or your loved ones) have the ability to select and request “preferred” Papa Pals for every visit. As long as they’re available at your requested time, they’ll be there!

How do you qualify Papa Pals, and do they follow COVID-19 protocols?

You can trust our Papa Pals. In addition to following COVID-19 safety protocols, they undergo criminal background checks (federal and state), a motor vehicle record check, and participate in ongoing training and education.

My employer-sponsored plan includes child care, what are the details?

Our Papa Pals are here to support you with caring for children ages 3 and above, provided that the parent or guardian is present. Transportation is available if the parent or guardian is present and able to install the child’s car seat, if applicable.